Ever since the launch of iPhone back in 2007, AT&T users have been complaining regarding poor network service in San Francisco. After six long years, the U.S. carrier has added support for several new cell sites in the city that’ll most probably be enough to iron out the kinks in their network.

For all those of you wondering why the mobile operator was so sluggish in playing catch up with mobile user’s requirement, it’s mainly because of the city’s strict regulations due to which it takes years to approve a new cell tower in such sizable cities.

The mobile operator has been reported to have spent more than $2.4 billion on improving their network service in San Francisco over the past two years and this time, AT&T has used an upgraded distributed antenna system (DAS) in the new cell sites.

While the LTE speeds in other U.S cities are reportedly better on the same network, the current set up will certainly prove to be much beneficial for AT&T’s 3G users in San Francisco.