While BlackBerry (BB) is already having a hard time in drawing mobile users towards their flagship Z10 smartphone, many reports have circulated today in which analysts claimed for Z10 to having an abnormally high return rates. One analyst went as far to saying that “returns were higher than sales”. In response, Blackberry officials have denied such claims by calling it “absolutely false” and stating that global return rates for the device are “consistent” with other premium smartphones in the market.

The performance of Z10 is very critical for the company as it debuts the new generation of BB devices and the release of such negative publicity every now and then at the hands of analysts is further damaging Blackberry’s reputation. Even though BB ostensibly doesn’t look alarmed by their sales performance, they desperately need to increase publicity to widen Z10 user base in U.S., which as shown by a recent survey seems to be quite less as around 83% of Americans don’t even know the smartphone launched.

Aside from the Analyst’s reports, which barely have been in favour of the company, Blackberry has considerably been doing fine as it had reportedly sold 1 million devices in small markets containing the likes of Canada and the U.K. in the previous year’s fourth quarter. This month is coming to an end, if there’s any way to find out how BB Z10 performance measures up with their success in non-U.S. markets, we’ll soon find out with BB’s earning report for this quarter. Do you own a BB Z10 smartphone, how’s your experience going so far?