Consumers facing issue coming to terms with the revolutionary new interface

Detwiler Fenton and Co. have claimed in their article recently that low consumer pre-orders of the Z10 are primarily due to lack of awareness of the new phone’s features.

Although the Z10 has been available for pre-order since early March of this year (and available at retail channels since the 22nd of March), uptake has not been up to expectations.

Detwiler states that even though Z10 as a product is good, the manner in which the company had failed to create awareness about it is an issue. Furthermore, the learning curve associated with using the new interface is intimidating for most BB users (as compared to the typical android and iPhone user, who get the hang of a new version of the OS in a reasonably short time due to its evolutionary, rather than revolutionary nature).

This low uptake has put BB’s estimate of 36 million sales for FY2014 in doubt. Detwiler claims that an estimate of around 13 to 15 million sales in FY2014 seems more realistic.