While the existence of Google Glass has alone caused quite a stir in terms of privacy, Google takes one step further by pursuing a patent that would apparently let you use Google Glass to control objects around the house.

Specifically, the patent that was made public and got discovered on Thursday by Engadget, involves the Google Glass device connecting to a target device via WiFi, Bluetooth or some other technology through which the user would be able to control the device.

To paint a picture of what kind of operations would the user be able to conduct, Google serves up a few examples of target devices such as an alarm system, garage door, lighting system, espresso machine and even a refrigerator!

Considering the above mentioned devices, one could envision functions like turning on the dryer, turning on the lights of the house at night, making coffee in the morning by turning on the espresso machine etc. It’s not know if all of these commands will be carried out by voice or via Touch interface but one thing’s clear, despite various criticism on the gadget oozing out every now and then, Google is determined to make this device an integral part of our lives in the near future.