A little while back, various rumors indicated towards the possibility of Microsoft expanding their Surface lineup of tablets and now a new report from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has put more light to the matter. According to today’s publication of WSJ, following the footsteps of its competitors on different platforms, Microsoft is currently working on a 7-inch Surface tablet that will feature the Windows RT operating system.

Microsoft hasn’t been doing well with the launch of their premium priced Surface lineup and now is probably the best time to introduce an affordable 7-inch version as there’s no Windows device in that category. Amazon, Google and Apple have been doing quite well with their counterparts in the 7-inch tablet category; especially Amazon and Google with their affordable range of tablets.

For Microsoft to be a serious contender in this category – and to pit itself against competitors that have a head start – one strategy could be a cheaper price-tag. Would you consider buying the 7-inch version of Surface when it comes out?