In efforts to compete with Apple’s Siri, a new personal assistant app called Donna has emerged for the iPhone that’ll supposedly make your life easier by helping you remember important events and facilitating how to get to those events. This mobile-based personal assistant comes from a little start up called Incredible Labs and currently is in beta stages.

There are numerous apps out there which claim to be the perfect personal companions but the CEO of Incredible Labs Kevin Cheng is of the opinion that a vacuum needs filling in this space. Cheng, also a former product manager at Twitter and designer at Yahoo believes that “to go mainstream, you have to be more than just a technology.”

Donna aims to provide value to its users, by collecting a lot of information about the user and their activity in the background – like monitoring their travel patterns, current weather etc and recommend suggestions based on that data. Donna could very well hold up Cheng’s promise by fulfilling some  interesting scenarios  – like suggesting you bring an umbrella if it is going to rain  – so if you’re interested signup for the apps beta program for iPhone.