Likes too over-rated? What about hate?

In an interesting and deliberate twist on the “Like” and “+1” phenomenon that we’ve been subjected to since the rise of Social Media, a new app called “Hater” has been uploaded on the Apple App Store. With it, you can creatively express and share your views on things that you detest the most.

This goes on to identify what an interesting void had existed in the social media universe as far as showing distaste was concerned. The closest we could’ve gotten was to like, and then unlike something on Facebook.

Some of the things that the hater app allows us to do is to follow live hates from people that we have similar tastes (of hating), along with taking new photos and uploading them with our hate comments. We can also explore popular hate trends, and give our comments on hate rants. The possibilities are quite endless.

Let’s see if this new trend catches on.