A recent security update (Update 2823324) aired by Microsoft on Tuesday has resulted in PC users to face an infinite loop of reboots and some reports suggests that some PC users experienced tripping of their Kaspersky Anti-Virus as it displays a message claiming its user licence is invalid, implying that the PC is unprotected from viruses.

To avoid this, disable your Windows automatic updates or either block the specific update and if you have already acquired the update, you should uninstall the update. Microsoft has already taken note regarding the matter and working for a fix and in doing so they have removed the update from their database as a precaution. Still, the users are recommended to block the update 2823324.

Brazil is said to be the biggest victim of this update as there have been countless reports of users being thrown into continuous reboots. While nothing’s clear why this updates reacts so hazardously, Microsoft states that it has something to do with the presence of certain third-party software but on the plus side of things, this update doesn’t result in data loss. Have you experienced any problem after applying this security patch?