Recently, Microsoft released a new project to the public known as GeoFlow, a new 3D visualization for Microsoft Excel that allows users to create, interact and map time sensitive data to a digital map, enabling discoveries that could not have been possible when working with 2D maps.

Microsoft describes this tool as “3D visualization tool that helps users map, explore and interact with both geographic and chronological data, enabling discoveries that could be difficult to identify with traditional 2D tables and charts.”

What GeoFlow does is that it maps all the data in Microsoft Excel and then reproduce it on a 3D map. The project has powerful mapping capabilities that allow users to plot up to 1 million rows of data in Excel in 3D and share it with other people as interactive tours of their work. Data can be created as vertical columns rising as Skyscrapers on Bing Maps, bubble visualizations and heat maps.

To show this data to other people, users can build cinematic tours that can be exported and shared with other users whenever needed.

Via: The Next Web [HS]