Germany’s Federal Court has invalidated the patent for the UMTS 3G filed by the Korean Manufacturer against Apple. The patent covered “turbo encoding/decoding device and method for processing frame data according to QoS”, says FOSS Patents. The Federal Court also discarded any of Samsung’s proposed amendments to the patent as well. However, Samsung has the option of appealing against the decision to the Federal Court of Justice.

We all know that last year, Samsung was trying to obtain injunctions against Apple for several essential patents but the European Commission turned the tables and Apple was deemed a willing licensee. Before the European Commission could issue a statement regarding this matter, Samsung withdrew all its injunction requests against Apple and is only seeking for damages.

For all those people who thought that the court was being biased, they should know that this ruling came a week after the court invalidated Apple’s slide to unlock patent. Since then, Apple started appealing against the judgement, but the earlier rulings in Germany, UK and Netherlands turned against the company.

Via PhoneArena [HS]