Ever since the announcement of Dark Souls 2 took place late last year, gaming magazine Edge reported that the developers intend to design this Role Playing game (RPG) to be more “approachable”. With that statement, a misconception arose that the successor of 2011’s critically acclaimed RPG title Dark Souls, which was praised for its difficulty, will be an easier play. However, four months after the announcement, Dark Souls 2 director Yui Tanimura finally addresses this confusion in an interview by stating that “Obviously the game will not be easier”.

Apologizing for using the term “accessible” without any explanation, the director further clarified that they actually meant for delivering a pure challenging experience by cutting away all the fat and by not making the game tiresome for players. He further goes on to say that the Dark Souls 2 would provide a rewarding experience for players to overcome difficulties and will maintain the same level of difficulty as its predecessor. With that said, there’s still no mention of the release date for the upcoming RPG title. Did you enjoy the challenge Dark Souls offered or would opt for an easier version?