In the wake of Apple ousting a popular French-designed app, AppGratis, French junior minister for digital economy, Fleur Pellerin, calls Apple’s action “extremely brutal” and says she would “ask the European Commission and EU member states to better regulate digital platforms, search engines and social media”.

The minister further boasted the fact that French are the world’s second-largest software developers after the U.S. and such “unilateral” decisions unfairly jeopardizes business models overnight. Following Pellerin’s harsh remarks, Apple has declined from commenting at the moment.

AppGratis would sent one push notification per day to user, informing them of a hand-picked app that’s worth trying. It might seem like a simple app but it had attracted an astounding number of 7 million users.

Apple removed this app for using push notifications and for advertising other apps, and even though Apple is in talks with AppGratis, it’s still to be seen if it will get restored unless AppGratis complies with Apple’s guidelines. Are you looking forward to restoration of AppGratis?