After hearing about a possible acquisition for several weeks, today LinkedIn has finally announced that it has acquired Pulse, the popular news reader app for the web and mobile devices, for a whopping $90 million. The transaction includes around 90 percent of stocks and the remaining comprises of cash. This acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of 2013.

LinkedIn has over 200 million users and around millions of these professionals start their day getting acquainted with professional insights that gets them going through their jobs. With the acquisition of Pulse, which has around 30 million users around the globe, LinkedIn attempts to successfully reposition itself as a streamlined source of providing professional knowledge and insights for its users.

The co-founder of Pulse, Akshay Kothari, also announced that Pulse apps will remain the same for now and in due time, the two teams coupled together will bring out cool and useful new offerings for users. This certainly is a positive sign for the future of Pulse as a standalone app. Are you looking forward to seeing more streamlined news content on LinkedIn?