If you’re an Android or iOS users, chances are you’re mostly using Hulu Plus to watch your favorite TV shows but in case you’re a Windows Phone (WP) user, you would have wondered if this awesome video on-demand (VOD) service would ever make its way on WP platform. According to a response from an alleged Hulu Plus official support center, WP users might soon be able reap the benefits of this unlimited instant streaming service to watch their favorite TV shows on their WP devices as well.

Apparently, a WP user reached out to Hulu support via email to find out the progress of it’s coming to WP platform, in response the official support stated that they’ve been working on the app for a while now and it should make its way on WP platform soon. At this moment, Hulu offers a free ad-based subscription as well as a semi-ad subscription for $7.99 a month for both iOS and Android mobile platform. With a boost to WP ecosystem with the arrival of WP8 and an increasing amount of  WP users ostensibly sending requests to Hulu, the popular VOD service might actually make its way to WP platform pretty soon. Would you use such a service if it makes way to your WP device?