After introducing the timeline project for Facebook two years ago, recently giving it a massive overhaul when it started to age, the Pioneer designer of Timeline Nicolas Felton is now leaving the biggest social network in the world. This announcement comes just days after the company launched Facebook Home for Android. Felton says he’s “extremely proud of the projects I worked on” and called working at Facebook the peak point of his career, but now he would “moving on” and returning to New York.

Felton has a long pre-Facebook history that actually lead to the inspiration behind the Timeline project. Back in 2005, towards the end of the year he thought of gathering every activity he’s been involved throughout the year, like what books he read, what songs did he listen to, what restaurants he went to etc. and putting it together into “Felton Annual Report”. Chris Cox, the Product VP at Facebook, said he was inspired by Felton’s annual reports as it depicted art and was determined to get Felton on board. Felton hasn’t made public on what he’d be working on next but we wish him good luck for his future endeavors!