ASUS came out with pretty unique concept early this year by introducing Padfone, which aside from being your daily smartphone device, had the ability to turn into a tablet device upon connecting into its tablet accessory. This time, ASUS has stepped up its game by introducing yet another advancement to the smartphone-tablet hybrid category.

Dubbed as PhonePad+, this accessory doesn’t require you to own a specific ASUS smartphone, but can make use of multiple high-end Samsung smartphone to turn it into a tablet device. However at this time, the smartphone support is limited to Samsung’s Galaxy S2, S3 and will eventually support Galaxy S4 as well.

As you can see from the picture above, the Galaxy device docks in quite nicely with the accessory, upon which it turns on the 10.1”slate with a modest resolution of 1024×600 and works in conjunction with the device’s Bluetooth, USB and MHL. The display fitting is quite flexible; it can be docked in a variety of ways depending upon the situation. The claimed battery life of the device is 8 hours and you can use PhonePad+ battery to charge your smartphone as well. The biggest feature is the Bluetooth gaming controller that comes with this accessory. PhonePad+ will be available in July at a price-tag of £149.99. Are you looking forward to buying PhonePad+?