If you’ve ever used Siri, then you must be wondering what happens to all the queries you make? Well, it has been revealed that all the data related to your queries are collected by Apple to improve adaptive quality of Siri and is kept on the company’s server for nearly two years before it’s discarded. This discovery was made today by an Apple representative, Trudy Muller, after the privacy advocates called out the company to reveal what exactly it does with the data fed by the user.

Considering the fact that Siri stores personal information, the user might feel a bit violated. However, Apple ensures that all the voice clips store by Apple remain anonymous, as these clips are coupled with random numbers to represent the user and is by no means associated with the user’s Apple ID or any contact information that could disclose the person’s true identity.

After six months, the random numbers are no longer associated with the clip, but the audio files remain for the duration of nearly 2 years. Also, if the user turns off Siri on his/her device then along with the random numbers, all the data associated with iis wiped from Apple’s server as well. It’s worth mentioning that other companies like Google, also collect data from users with similar data retention policies in place.

Nicole Ozer, the American Civil Liberties union lawyer who first expressed concerns over privacy, urged for Apple to put this data retention policy in their FAQ section to help understand the users what they’re getting into. Last year IBM banned Siri on their internal networks due to privacy concerns, it wouldn’t  have been the case if Apple had detailed their data retention policy then to avoid any misconception. Are you satisfied with the way Apple handles queries from Siri?