When iPhone 4 hit the stores in 2010, people faced problems with the phone’s reception. They complained for the device to lose signals upon holding it in a certain way, specifically when the black strip at the bottom left corner of the device was covered. Apple tried its best to dodge the bullet at first, by advising users to hold it properly but with alleviating number of complaints, this became a scandal known as Antennagate.

As a result of this, Apple held a special press conference to ease up the users’ frustration by offering them free bumpers, which would solve the reception problem, if they bought the iPhone 4 before a certain date. For those iPhone 4 adopters who didn’t take advantage of Apple’s offering of a free bumper, it had been settled for those users to get $15 compensation. Several reports are now floating, which indicates that users are starting to receive the promised compensation in the form $15 checks.


The checks were first issued on 17th April, which will remain valid until 16th July (as shown in pic above). Apple had stopped accepting claims on August 28 of 2012, so if you have a defective iPhone you can’t lodge your claim now. Have you received a check from Apple yet?

(via 9to5mac)