After unveiling prototype for flexible displays at this year’s CES, Samsung ostensibly gets closer to commercializing the first devices to feature these plastic-based displays. According to a report from OLED Association, the Korean conglomerate intends to feature such a display on its upcoming Galaxy Note 3, which will be on show at the IFA 2013 in September.

According to the publication, the screen of its upcoming phablet would be out of a thin plastic material that won’t only be lighter and thinner than current displays, but will also be shatterproof. According to the diagram by OLEDA (shown below), the plastic-based screen’s weight would be less than a half of a glass-based OLED panel and one third of a LCD display. Aside the flexible display being less heavy, the reduction in thickness would certainly make way for big batteries.

With all said, it’s important to point out that the publication emphasizes on a flexible display, not a “curved” display. So it’s much likely for the Galaxy Note 3 to incorporate a flexible display while maintaining a flat shape. Are you looking forward the release of Galaxy Note 3 featuring flexible displays?