If you thought Google Glass ability to use your voice or fingers weren’t enough to control the device, you’re in for a lot more to see. The search giant is apparently making things creepier as the recently discovered code fragment shows its ability to take snaps, just by blinking your eyes!

This discovery has been by a Reddit user who stumbled upon a code fragment in the Google Glass companion app, that allegedly contained references to “eye gesture” functionality. Take a look below:






While Google Glass has already caused quite a stir in terms of privacy, the inclusion of such feature will certainly concern the privacy advocates. To ease things a bit for non-Glass owners, Glass might come with a shutter sound to aware people when it’s snapping photos.

Alongside this new wink-to-take-photos, another functionality has also been discovered, according to which Glass would allow user to zoom in-out webpages by performing a smartphone-like pinch motion and put Glass to sleep by turning their heads in a specific direction. With Google aiming to control your Home appliances and inclusion of today’s spy-like feature, the feature packed Google Glass has the potential to bring much more to the table. Do you think Google is stepping the line in terms of privacy?