Microsoft’s interest regarding small sized Windows tablet had surfaced recently, and today the Redmond giant has dropped the first official word that it’s indeed working on Windows 8 tablets smaller than 10 inches. This confirmation comes from Microsoft’s CFO Peter Lein, who during a call with investors about the company’s earnings report, said that small-screen Windows tablets were in the works.

According to the previous rumor, Microsoft was said to be only bringing its own affordable 7” counterpart of Surface tablet, however Klein sheds more light on the matter by clarifying that the Software giant is working with its manufacturer partners as well to develop  “a new suite of small touch devices powered by Windows” at “competitive price points,”.

Microsoft had recently revised its Windows 8 (W8) specification to allow OEMs to create Windows 8 tablets with minimum resolution of 1024×768, which it intends to deliver with Windows 8.1 upgrade. So it’s much likely for the new small sized tablets to come pre-installed with Windows 8.1. At the moment, Microsoft spokespersons are refusing to elaborate any details regarding the upcoming mini versions of W8 tablets. Are you looking forward for small sized W8 tablets?