Confident with the success of its Lumia lineup of smartphones, a new report suggests for Nokia to jump into “phablet” market this year, similar in size with Samsung’s Galaxy Note. As previously rumored, Microsoft is planning to update Windows Phone 8 for supporting 1080p displays, this might indeed be the perfect time for the Finnish smartphone manufacturer to take advantage of resolution by introducing its variant of super-sized phones.

The possible release of the Phablet is said to be a part of Nokia’s Lumia range of smartphones releasing this year. Aside from that, Nokia’s “EOS” PureView Lumia, which is basically the 808 PureView but running on Windows Phone instead, is also lined up for release this July. Also, Nokia’s first ever Lumia with a metallic build, dubbed as Catwalk, is also in 2013 portfolio of Nokia.

Samsung has enjoyed quite a fair share of success with its Galaxy Note series, which shows mobile users’ deep interest in super-sized phones. Do you think it’s a good idea for Nokia to release a phablet as well?