We’ve been hearing countless rumors regarding the launch of Nokia’s Lumia 928 on Verizon and adding to that long list of speculations, Bloomberg today claims to have inside information regarding the release as well. According to Bloomberg’s anonymous tipster, the device will officially land on Verizon next month.

As compared with other rumors, it wouldn’t be a surprise if today’s rumor turns out be true, as it had been previously rumored for Lumia 928 to be announced on 25th April by an anonymous tipster, but then after few days Nokia put up a teaser image for a QWERTY device, which is supposedly set for 24th April launch. With the certainty of a QWERTY-based Asha device launching on 24th April, it’s quite unlikely for the Finnish smartphone manufacturer to conduct yet another launch event just a day after.

It’s also possible for Nokia to launch both its QWERTY device and Lumia 928 at tomorrow’s event as well. However, it’s just a matter of two days till the legitimacy of the previous rumor can be authenticated. We’ll keep you updated when there’s more development regarding the matter.

(via wpcentral)