Just few days ago, Nokia Malaysia teased a possible smartphone launch on the 25th of April that left us wondering if it could be tied with rumored Lumia 928 launch. However, today Nokia has posted snaps of its upcoming device that shows the smartphone’s corners with a bright yellow frame and QWERTY keyboard. The full Monty is officially set to be show off on 24th April at 7am GMT.

So what does today’s teaser indicates? Well it’s quite possible the QWERTY keyboard indicates towards the release of another Asha lineup of smartphone. Earlier this month, @evleaks leaked two possible Nokia Asha devices and if you compare them with today’s teaser, there’s quite a resemblance between both the device’s yellow frames. However, the difference is the absence of a keyboard in the previously leaked Lumia-inspired Asha device.

It’s highly unlikely that the upcoming QWERTY-based device would be running Windows Phone platform as we’re not sure if Microsoft has even allowed standalone support for QWERTY based devices. If both the leaks are taken into consideration, it could be that touchscreen phone is accompanied by a keyboard-equipped model too, albeit we haven’t heard regarding such thing till now. It looks like we’ll have to hold on to the dilemma for two more days, when Nokia officially announces the device on Wednesday. What do you expect regarding Nokia’s upcoming announcement?