A new benchmark entry on AnTuTu today, seems to prove that the mysterious Motorola X phone will be called Google X and it’ll be running Google’s upcoming Mobile OS, Android 5.0.1 aka Key Lime Pie.

According to the entry posted on AnTuTu today, the alleged Google X scores a decent number of 15479, which is near to the performance of one year old Galaxy S3. While that’s certainly not the performance you’d expect from a latest smartphone, it’s could be that the device is running a test hardware or the fact that Google is looking to release a mid-ranged device instead of focusing on raw power.


While the benchmark doesn’t reveals much about the device, the discovery that caught our attention was the fact that the device runs Android’s latest Mobile OS, Key Lime Pie. It had been rumored yesterday that the search giant won’t be unveiling the OS in its Google I/O conference next month. If today’s leak is to be trusted, then it means that Google has not only developed the OS (5.0), but has also released its first revised iteration (5.0.1) as well. This would actually concur with previous rumor, that Google is giving OEMs a breathing room to play catch up with Android updates.

With all that said, take today’s exposed benchmarks with a grain of salt as it’s very easy to manipulate results on AnTuTu benchmarks. Are you expecting for Google to release a high-end or a mid-ranged “X” device?

(via phonearena)