It was reported a while back that several HTC devices including the One X, would be receiving Android 4.2 update along with Sense 5.0. This seemed to be a positive step forward for the one year old Android device to receive Key Lime Pie (KLP) as well in the future, but now it seems like the update-mill might stop here.

A tweet has been circulated today by a well known HTC leakster, @LLabTooFeR, according to which the ageing dual-core smartphone would not be getting any more updates after Android 4.2.2. This means that HTC One X, a strong competitor to Galaxy S3, wouldn’t support Google’s upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS.

Since the debut of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean back in November 2012, only a handful of non-Nexus devices have received the update. Talking about the release of new devices, HTC has shown quite a sluggish attitude by launching its One smartphone with Android 4.1.1, nor has made any statements regarding its update to Android 4.2 as of yet. Samsung on the other hand has shown serious attitude towards the matter, by releasing Galaxy S4 running Android’s latest OS and it’s highly likely for the South Korean conglomerate to update its Galaxy S3 with KLP, when it releases.

However, nothing’s official at the moment, there’s plenty of time till KLP comes in the open, which would serve HTC with ample of time to change its mind (if the rumor is true). Would you be disappointed if HTC decides not to release KLP update for HTC One X?

(via phonearena)