Whenever we hear about “Flexible Displays”, Samsung’s Youm display comes in to our minds, but now it seems like LG wishes to enter the same loop as well. Apparently it has been confirmed that LG would launch a smartphone packing a flexible OLED display in the fourth quarter of the year.

Just so you’re wondering, LG didn’t hold an official press conference to reveal its intentions, rather it was vice president of LG’s mobile business ,Yoon Bu-hyun, who disclosed it during a conversation with Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

However, he didn’t mention any other details regarding this upcoming device featuring a Flexible display. Without anything to go, it’s too early to speculate if such a display would be featured in mainstream smartphones like it Optimus G series or will make its debut on a new series of smartphones.

The flexible display had been rumored to be featured on Samsung’s upcoming phablet Galaxy Note 3 before and taking today’s discovery into consideration, it looks like smartphone manufacturers are interested to pack these displays in future smartphones. Are you looking forward for upcoming smartphones to feature flexible displays?

(via Cnet)