With no hopes for the “X” phone showing up at Google I/O developer conference next month, or any official announcement being made on the phone, the rumor-mill continues to keep things interested. Today, a set of new rumors on the Google X Phone has surfaced, which details many features regarding the upcoming X phone by Google.

For starters, the Google X Phone is said to launch in the first week of August, with AT&T getting a three-month exclusivity deal. After which, the phone could hit other carriers in November. While releasing a new smartphone only in one mobile carrier will surely make the device’s reach limited, it might be that AT&T had allowed Google to ship first batch of “X Phones” as unlocked versions or would have offered any other perk in order to get 3-month exclusivity deal.

Now coming to the rumored features, the phone will likely have an “always on listening mode” through which you’ll be able to wake the device up through specific voice command or perform any other task. The publication points out that Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 comes with an always-on Voice Activation feature, but the presence of such a high-end processor contradicts with previous rumor in which the device’s benchmarks showed it to be a mid-ranged device.

Also, the Google X Phone will allegedly feature a “predictive intelligence” feature that will be able to recognize your intentions from the moment you pick up your handset. Most probably it would be able to do that by measuring how you have held the device and then launching an appropriate app. The phone is also said to be “always connected” to the Google Chrome browser.

Whereas the customization is concerned, it looks like users will still be able to customize the color from variety of colors and materials by choosing from plastic, metal, carbon fiber and wood, to produce “thousands of custom combinations.”

With all that said, even though the alleged features seem quite interesting, nothing is proven yet, so don’t keep your hopes set on the above features. Let’s wait and see when Google decides to unveil this mysterious X Phone.

(via AndroidAndMe)