Last month, Google briefly leaked a video showing an iOS version of Google Now which eventually got pulled out from the internet. Following up that leak, Google chairman Eric Schmidt was asked about the potential release date of Google Now for iOS, and he noted that the ball is in Apple’s court, although it was later confirmed by Apple that Google had not submitted an iOS version of Google Now to the App Store.

Today, Google has announced that its Google Now search feature, previously available only on Android devices running Jelly Bean, will now also be available on the iPhone and iPad as well. As opposed to the Android version, Google Now for iOS doesn’t come as a standalone application; instead it is included in the Google Search application for iPhone and iPad

Also, the iOS version of Google Now lacks some features such as, some cards are missing including “boarding passes, activity summary, events, concerts, Fandango and Zillow,” notifications and alerts. But that’s surely to make its way along the road.

Google Now will serve Apple users with the first ever alternative to using Siri, we’re curious how much the iOS users would prefer Google Now over Siri. Would you be using Google Now on your iOS device?

(via Engadget)