We all know about Apple’s WWDC 2013 event where they launch new products, hardware improvements, software updates and more. This year, the event will be held from June 14 to June 17 and what most people expect from the event is a new iPhone 5S with the same shape and hardware improvements, a new iPad or maybe Retina iPad mini and most importantly, iOS 7.

To be eligible to buy the ticket, you must be enrolled in iOS Developer Program, iOS Enterprise Program, or The Mac Developer Program. The event tickets went on sale for a whopping price of $1599 per ticket and under a record time of 2 minutes, all the tickets were sold out. Last year, it took almost 2 hours for the event to be fully booked. Obviously, the price isn’t cheap considering the fact that the developers have to spend accommodation and travel expenses as well.

What do you will be unveiled at the event on June 14? If Apple has a new iPhone in line, do you think it will be able to gain back the lost market share?  Share your thoughts.