It has been a few days since Google Glass was handed over to the developers for testing. If you don’t know, it has already been rooted by developers around the globe giving them full access to the software.

Google already revealed some basic specifications of Google Glass. It will have 16 GB flash memory, 5MP camera, high resolution display, Wifi and a one day battery.

One of the first ones to root the day was Jay “Saurik” Freeman, also known as the founder of cydia. During an interview with Forbes, Jay said that the Explorer version of the device is running Android 4.0.4 and within few hours, he managed to get full access to its operating system.

During the interview with Forbes, Jay said, “It took me two hours while I was having dinner with friends at the time,” “The implementation from B1nary is for normal Android tablets and phones, I learned how it worked and then did the same thing on Glass…which was quite simple.”

Another developer named Liam McLoughlin said that it was to easy to root Google Glass. In response to the news of rooting Google Glass, one of Google employees Dan Morrill said that Google intentionally left Google Glass open to developers to have fun with. Dan said,

“This is not rooting. Nothing is rooted. There is no root here! This is ‘fastboot oem unlock’. It’s not rooting if they let you do it on purpose!”

Via: 9to5Google