Looks like a lot of events are coming up in the May. First, it’s the Google I/O Conference that will begin on 15 May then its Microsoft Xbox 720 event on the 21st May, Blackberry World 2013 from May 14 and now, Nokia also announced that they will be holding a press conference on May 14th where they will be announcing about the Nokia Lumia series and its most probably, a new Lumia device.

If you take a closer look at the invitation, it says See What’s Next that suggests that they may have a new phone in the lineup. Nokia has gained momentum especially after moving from Symbian to Windows Phone which many would suggest as the right move. They had to move to something new if they want to compete in the competitive smartphone market with iPhone and Android devices.

What are your expectations about the upcoming event? One thing I can say is that they will launch a new Lumia device as the invitation says “The Lumia Story Continues”.