Struggling to keep up with escalating hardware component requirements for its growing number of mobile devices, Samsung has announced today that its next-gen DDR3 RAM will be hitting the production line this year.

Samsung’s upcoming DDR3 RAM is the world’s first ultra-high-speed four gigabit (Gb) LPDDR3 mobile RAM, manufactured at 20 nanometer class process node. And this technology is claimed to bring performance level of mobile devices closer to the DRAM found in modern computers.

Here’s what Samsung has to say regarding its shiny new 20nm RAM:-

 By providing the most efficient next-generation mobile memory with a very large data capacity, we are now enabling OEMs to introduce even more innovative designs in the marketplace.

As opposed to performance of LPDDR2 (featured in Galaxy S3) that can transmit data at a rate of 800 Mbps, this new chip can transmit data at a maximum rate of 2,133 megabits per second, a huge performance increase indeed!

In case you’re wondering, Galaxy S4 features a 30nm LPDDR3 RAM which can transmit data at up to 1,600 megabits per second, which means that the 20nm LPDDR3 RAM generates more than a 30 percent improvement in terms of performance. Also, Samsung claims for its new DDR3 RAM to attain such boost in performance with 20 percent savings in power consumption as opposed to the 30nm DDR3 Ram.

With four of these chips stacked together, OEMs can have a 2GB offering that’s still just a slick 0.8mm in height. Regarding the new DDR3 RAM’s release date, Samsung has said that they plan on increasing production later this year, meaning that it is highly unlikely this technology will be implemented in the upcoming Galaxy Note 3.

(via Samsung Tomorrow)