We saw how Samsung’s Galaxy S4 fared against the latest iPhone from Apple in a drop test conducted recently. While these kind of tests gives a general impression regarding the device’s durability, to make things more interested, insurance company, SquareTrade, has recently carried out its own drop test that pitted the Galaxy S3, S4 and iPhone 5, to find out the so-called “breakability score”.

As opposed to any other drop tests surfacing on the internet, SquareTrade not only settle the debate on which device can handle drops better, but also submerged all the smartphones in water and skidded across a table to determine the breakability score of the smartphone.

After carrying out those three tests, it was determined that Galaxy S4 performed poorly in terms of durability by attaining an overall score of 7/10 (lower is better). Whereas on the other hand iPhone 5 received 5/10 score and Galaxy S3 got 6.5/10, which is still better than Galaxy S4

Here’s the infographic from SquareTrade that shows the complete results:-


Following is the video that shows the whole breakability test on which the above infographic is based on:-

With all the said, it’s worth noting that while Galaxy S4 showed poor results when it came to robustness of the device, it survived the dunk in water quite well as compared to Galaxy S3. That shows progress from Samsung’s side that can’t be neglected. Let’s hope that Corning comes up with better version of Gorilla Glass next year, that’ll be able to sustain drop impacts, even when mounted on a sophisticated design like that of Galaxy S4. How important is a smartphone’s robustness factor to you?

(via BGR)