On Friday, the Korean giant released its quarterly profits from January 2013 to March 2013 showing a gigantic rise of 42% to 6.5$ billion. In the earning reports released by the company, the sales by 17% to 52.9 trillion won. This is the sixth consecutive quarter in which Samsung reported a rise in profit.

According to NY Times profit for the division that makes Smartphones, tablets, personal computers and cameras accounted for nearly three-quarters of the company’s entire profit.

We also reported earlier that the report released by IDC shows that the vendor increased its shipments by almost 60.7% and increased its shipments to 70.7 million units in the first quarter of 2013 compared to previous years.

The rise in sales is not only because of their high end phones but also its low end phones. That’s one reason how the Korean company managed to surpass its rival Apple. The sales are expected to rise even after the launch of Galaxy S4 which is due to launch in Korea on Friday followed by the United States on Saturday. Although the company is facing some production issues that delayed the launch of the much awaited smartphone at US carriers.

(via AppleInsider)