IDC, one of the biggest analyst companies, recently released a report of top Smartphone vendors, quarter 1 shipments and their market share. According to IDC, Samsung took the top spot and shipped almost 70.7 million units compared to 37.4 million units shipped by the Cupertino company, Apple even before the launch of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung increased their shipments by a whopping 60.7% compared to last year while Apple managed to increase their shipments by 6.6% only. This shows how popular Samsung is becoming with their wide range of Smartphones compared to Apple iPhone. The reason might be because the Cupertinos were unable to make an impression on its users with iPhone 5 and there are no reports of the new iPhone anytime soon. Although, you might have come across rumors suggesting a cheaper, plastic iPhone.

IDC reported that almost 418.6m mobile phones were shipped by all the vendors this quarter out of which 216.2 million were Smartphones that accounts for almost 51.6% of the total mobile shipments. This is the first time it marked more than half of the total Smartphone sales. If you give a closer look at the statistics, you will see that even LG managed to increase their sales by almost 110% and that’s mainly because of the launch of LG Nexus 4 which received some attention especially after the shortfall of production last year. Along with Nexus 4, IDC give credit to their popular L series as well as Optimus G for the rise in the shipments over the year.