Finally, Skype has been released for Blackberry Q10 but with its launch, Skype has announced that it will give users 3-month Unlimited World Subscriptions for Blackberry users. With Skype World Unlimited, users can make free calls to over 60 countries.

However, do note that the software is not available for its counterpart, Blackberry Z10 until its software is updated to Blackberry 10.1. This means that Z10 users may have to wait a little bit longer for the software to work on their devices. Its not yet available for other Blackberry phones but if you want to use it, you can use third party apps like IM+ to make Skype work on your Blackberry devices. There is one catch with this voucher. You can only sign up for the voucher promo if you are a resident of USA, UK or Canada.

To get the voucher, just head over to this link and submit the form with your details. Make sure you get it before the voucher runs out.