Rumors regarding Google and Motorola working on a mysterious “X” phone have been circulating since last year. Just a week ago, the alleged X Phone appeared for the first time on AnTuTu, and today a new unannounced U.S.-bound Motorola XT1055 handset has been spotted in AnTuTu benchmark results.

According to the benchmarks, the device ostensibly sports a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and scores 18252 in AnTuTu. With that said, the important question is whether the leaked device is the Google’s “X” phone or just another release by Motorola?


For starters, one thing should be clarified that just because there’s an X in the model number, it doesn’t necessarily points out towards X Phone. Motorola happens to have various Android devices part of the XT group, e.g. the Droid Razr HD (XT925/XT926 ). Also, it had been rumored before that Motorola would be releasing multiple smartphones with weird codenames in the U.S. so it’s much possible for today’s leaked phone to be one of them and not the X Phone.

Comparing the fact that today’s leaked Motorola phone runs Android 4.2.2, things seem a bit sketchy as Google is rumored to unveil Android 4.3 this month at Google’s I/O event. With so less time ahead of the event, it sounds odd for testing a new smartphone with the version of Android that’s expected to get obsolete within a matter of weeks. With Google’s developer conference just two weeks ahead, we’re curious to find out whether the mysterious Google X Phone or a new Motorola smartphone makes it way or not. Are you looking forward to Google’s I/O developer conference this month?

(via PhoneArena)