Facebook is the biggest social network on the internet right now but according to a report, they lost almost 6 million visitors in the last month. According to an analysis by SocialBakers, the company lost 6 million visitors that count for almost a 4% decline in the user base.  In the last six months, the company lost almost 9 million visitors that can be a huge blow to the company.

According to The Guardian, “Facebook is still growing fast in South America: monthly visitors in Brazil were up 6% in the last month to 70m , according to SocialBakers, whose information is used by Facebook advertisers, while India has seen a 4% rise to 64m – still a fraction of the country’s population, leaving room for further growth.”

It may be due to the fact that there are a lot of emerging social networks like Instagram. But on the other hand, Instagram was recently taken over by the social giants and according to the report, they have gained almost 30 million users in the past 18 months before Facebook acquired the company a year ago.