With the alleged design dilemma going on within the creative team, Galaxy Note 3 is now rumored to incorporate not only the 8-core Exynos 5 CPU, but also an 8-core GPU, Mali-450, in all of its variants as well.

Also, according to the publication, the phone is reported to come with 3 GB RAM to support these two heavyweights (CPU and GPU). Aside from the above rumored hardware additions, Galaxy Note 3 is expected to come with a huge 5.8 screen, likely to be Super AMOLED with an HD display.

The inclusion of the GPU is quite surprising, since Mali-450 is a one year old design but still ARM vows for the GPU to perform two times much better than the previously released Mali-400.

At the moment there are no benchmarks of the 8-core GPU, so there’s no telling if the 8-core GPU outperforms the tri-core PowerVR GPU of Galaxy S4. Since nothing has been confirmed till now regarding the device, take all of the rumors with a grain of salt.

(via Sammobile)