Despite the fact that Google Glass is likely to get in the hands on consumers next year, the delay hasn’t stopped the futuristic Android-powered wearable deice to gain an incredible amount of buzz and excitement. According to a latest report, Google Glass has a foul language filter that’ll censor bad words when entering text using the speech-to-text method, and there doesn’t seem to be a way of turning the restriction off.

So if you’re trying to send a text message containing inappropriate content, the swear words will be modified automatically by the software. However, keep in mind that just like queries in Google Now, those words will be replaced by asterisk (just like in the image shown above) rather than auto correcting it. This feature is quite great in case you accidentally swear, but in the end the recipient will still have an idea what you meant to say!

In other news related to Google Glass, we previously reported that certain code fragments have been discovered that indicates the Glass’s functionality of taking pictures by winking, and now it’s possible to control the device with the blink of an eye, by using the Winky app that the developer Mike DiGiovanni made and released on Github. To make this work, a longer wink is required to prevent the camera from taking a photo unintentionally. What is your opinion on wink-to-snap feature?