With Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy smartphones, other Android manufacturers have pretty much remained in the sidelines as they managed to acquire a small portion of the smartphone market share. However, partnering up with Google to make the Nexus 4 smartphone, LG received a big boost for its mobile business.

Now it seems like LG’s luck will prolong for another year as today, a rumor has surfaced by the Korea Times, according to which Google and LG are teaming up once again to create the upcoming Nexus smartphone, presumable Nexus 5.

At this point, there hasn’t been made any official comment by Google or LG regarding any of the stacked up piles of rumors. And if previous rumors are to be believed, it’s most likely that no new device is expected to get unveiled in this year’s Google I/O conference, due to which we might not end up seeing the upcoming Nexus device anytime soon.

Considering the fact that it has been mere 6 months since Nexus 4 started shipping, Google might provide a little breathing room for the device to gain traction by unveiling a 32GB LTE version of Nexus 4 at this month’s Google I/O event, and might slide the curtains from their next Nexus device later this year. Are you looking forward to the release of upcoming Nexus device?

Via: Engadget