Just few days ago, we reported that the US Department of Defense is considering to grant security approvals for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, as well as Apple’s iPhones and iPads running iOS 6. Today, the Galaxy maker along with BlackBerry (BB) has drawn the first blood as both of them got their devices approved to be used on security networks, leaving iPhone still waiting in line for approval.

The approved BB devices are Z10, Q10 and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using the Enterprise Service 10 system. As for Samsung, its only device using Knox, Galaxy S4, got approved by DoD. Whereas Apple’s iOS 6 devices should clear the Pentagon in early May.

Now that multiple devices have been approved, groups within the DoD will now be able to purchase devices of their choice for work. Pentagon has nearly 600,000 mobile users, out which 470,000 are BlackBerry users. There are also 41,000 Apple users and 8,700 Android users, most of whom are currently participating in pilot or test programs.

With rising competition after the inclusion of multi-vendor environment within thr pentagon, it will be interesting to see which devices are actually ordered. Which device would you use for security purposes?

(via TechCrunch)