After pulling the plug from the development of Bada platform earlier this year, we’re yet to hear an official announcement regarding smartphone based on Samsung’s new OS, Tizen. However, today more than one phones based on the new OS have been leaked. According to the developer documentation for Tizen, these smartphones go by the name Samsung I8805 aka Redwood and Samsung I8800 aka Melius.

Just in case you’re hearing about the Tizen OS for the first time, Tizen is an operating system under development by Intel and Samsung. Their alliance was formed after when the joint project of Intel and Nokia,  MeeGo OS, was dropped by Nokia. Based on the Linux kernel and WebKit runtime, Tizen is an upcoming open source OS for smartphones and a wide range of other devices. HTML5 apps run on Tizen without the need of a browser.

Coming back to the topic, the document reveals that Redwood will be the flagship device of the platform as it features high-end specs like quad core processor, an HD (or 1080p) display with screen size between 4.8-5.2 inches and 4G LTE connectivity. On the other hand, the Melius is a mid-ranged smartphone which will probably feature a dual core processor, smaller and lower resolution display and 3G connectivity. Both will run the latest Tizen OS version 2.1, codenamed Magnolia.

The model numbers of these devices have been leaked before, which coincides with today’s discovery. Whereas the release date of the device is concerned, today’s publication doesn’t reveal anything regarding it. However, as previously reported, Redwood and Melius are expected to arrive in Q3 2013. If Tizen comes with compatibility to run Android apps natively, it would be a lot easier for consumers to give this new device a try. Are you looking forward to the release of Tizen devices this year?

(via PhoneArena)