We’ve seen plethora of evidence pointing towards the existence of Nokia Lumia 928 in the past few weeks. First we had a glimpse at the leaked images of the device and then the announcement of a Nokia event emerged, which was later on rumored to be the platform for unveiling Nokia Lumia 928. Just when you thought it wasn’t compelling enough, we saw a leaked billboard of the device, which apparently launched much before it was supposed to come out in the open.

To further clarify the situation, the device’s webpage has gone live today, even though Nokia and its exclusive partner are yet to officially announce this smartphone. However, the webpage that went live on Nokia’s USA website only shows a full blown webpage for the Lumia 928 smartphone.

However, even though the official website for device doesn’t show much regarding its features, a magazine ad has also appeared today, according to which the Lumia 928’s camera would be based on PureView technology with a Carl Zeiss lens, plus the Nokia’s proprietary OIS.

At this moment, the rumored specs of Lumia 928 include 4.5 inch PureMotion HD display, a dual-core processor and Xenon flash on the back. It looks like that’s all we would have to live with until the Nokia’s event takes place next week. Are you excited for the launch of Lumia 928?

(via Engadget)