Big smartphone manufactures like HTC and Samsung have been releasing mobile devices powered by both Android and Windows Phone platform. Nokia on the other hand put all their eggs in the Windows Phone basket, ever since they ditched their Symbian Mobile OS. This decision leads consumers to the question, whether or not the Finnish smartphone manufacturer aims to expand its reach to Android.

To clarify the company’s stance, Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, has made a statement in response to this speculation, in which they’ve reaffirmed their commitment to Windows Phone platform. Following is what the Elop had to say:-

Nokia has been doing quite well with WP smartphones, as evident by their Q1 earnings of this year. As compared to other vendors, Nokia is the most dominant player in the Windows Phone (WP) market and it seems like Nokia wants to maintain its exclusivity by sticking to WP platform, rather than getting lost in plethora of Android devices.

With upcoming WP Lumia devices, Nokia would most probably attract the masses by featuring more impressive hardware and features, which might make iOS or other mobile users jump ship. Do you think Nokia has made the right choice by solely choosing the Windows Phone platform?

(via Reuters)