The popular VoIP service, Viber, has launched version 3.0 of its Android and iOS applications. Also, in a bid to compete with Skype, Viber has extended its reach to Windows and Mac in the form of a new desktop client for cross-device messaging, calling and wait for it.….video calls!

Yes that’s right, you’ll be able to make video calls from Viber as well, but for the time being this functionality is limited to desktop-to-desktop only. The CEO of Viber, Talmon Marco, said he plans for all users to eventually have this feature.

Whereas the Messaging and Calling functionalities are concerned, they both work on the desktop app as well.. The incoming messages appear in all open apps, but once you pick up the conversation on mobile, the desktop app discontinues beeping.

On the mobile side, the updated version includes new “stickers” that users can send, a new voice engine and a brand-new user interface for Android. Speaking with Mashable, Marco said that initially they opted for same design guidelines for both iOS and Android, but taking in consideration the distinct changes in Android’s look and feel over the years, they decided to bring the Holo interface to Viber.

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(via Mashable)