Katy Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, recently met with tech suppliers in Asia and reportedly got new information regarding the upcoming iPhone devices. According to the Analyst, Apple will begin the manufacturing process of multiple new iPhone models somewhere in between June and July.

Unlike other smartphones, we’ve been seeing launch of only one model of the iPhone every year but this time it has been long rumored for the Fruit giant to push out two difference iPhone models: iPhone 5S and a budget/low-cost iPhone.

While the release of next iteration of Apple’s flagship iPhone smartphone isn’t really a surprise, the introduction of another version of iPhone has definitely caused some attention. Just two days ago a reliable parts supplier eTrade confirmed the existence of a low-cost iPhone, which perfectly coincides with today’s claim of multiple device being in the pipeline.

While the iPhone has been doing quite great in terms of high-end smartphone sales, this premium priced smartphone is not enough to grab the highest share in the overall smartphone market. As much as 2.8 billion prospective customers are missing out the fun as premium priced iPhone costing around $600 isn’t an option for customers residing in countries where on-contract phones aren’t sold. To cater this problem, a low-end iPhone seems like a perfect solution. Are you looking forward to these new iPhones this year?

(via AppleInsider)