Keeping in view the naming trend of iPhones in the past, most of us have assumed that Apple will call its next iPhone handset the “iPhone 5S,” and just last week an analyst claimed for iPhone 6 to get released in June next year, which further strengthened the speculation for Apple’s next iPhone to stick with trend.

However, according to a Vodafone employee the seventh-generation smartphone could be introduced to the world as the iPhone 6, as he points out to a leaked U.K. carrier’s inventory image. On that list, there’s currently an alleged listing of a “4G iPhone 6″ in its database, suggesting that Apple is planning on bringing something like the rumored fingerprint reader that deserves a new recognition.


However, bear in mind that such listings in an inventory could mean another thing as well. These kinds of leaks have also appeared before and had turned out to have no real connection with the released devices.

Let’s see this whole scenario at a different angle, Apple is also expected to release a low-cost budget iPhone and  iPad 5 this year, so it’s much likely for the Fruit Giant to keep things simple this time and get rid of “S”  , which has been complicating things since iPhone 3GS. What do you think Apple should name its upcoming iPhone?

(via Stuff.TV)