While there’s uncertainty still looming around the future of Nexus devices, a new report suggests that some UK electronics retailers are about to retire the five-month old Nexus 4, further fueling the speculation that a next-gen Nexus version could soon be launched.

These kinds of rumors are expected to float around the web, since there are few days left till Google’s I/O kicks off. But TechRadar also reports that the Nexus 4 has already been taken off the shelves of two British retailers: Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U. Even though they’re reported to have the discontinued the stock, Nexus 4 can still be acquired via Google’s online store or local carriers including O2.

Now the question arises that why the retailers would stop selling a device that’s been doing very good in terms of sales in UK? Considering the fact that there’s still demand for the device, the only explanation would be that next-gen Nexus device is in the pipeline. Not only that, it seems like the next-gen Nexus device might release very soon, if that’s the reason why the retailer stopped from stuffing in more Nexus 4 devices; as they can’t keep their stocks empty for a long period.

Even though if that’s the reason why the retailers are emptying their stock their Nexus true, there’s still confusion whether the next-gen device will indeed be Nexus 5 or previously rumored 32GB Nexus 4 LTE variant. Looks like we’ll find out pretty soon!

(via TechRadar)